The One Thing You Need to Lead Effectively

What if you discovered you are at this moment carrying a powerful tool for creating an even brighter future? And, what if you realized that learning to use this tool more effectively could upgrade your life and career more swiftly than getting a smarter phone or a faster car?

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Eight Principles Improvisation Teaches Us About Leadership and Life

Every improviser has a process — and at the very critical points, they ditch it and follow their gut. Why is this important to Leadership?

Improvisation is thought to be one of the most frightening gigs around yet is exhilarating once mastered.

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Organizational Promises Chart

An organization exists to fulfil a certain promise. One powerful interpretation of looking at an organization is as a ‘network of promises, to fulfil a larger promise’ .

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So, finally, the last week of IPL 2018 is here. The Orange Cap holder (the highest run scorer) at this stage of the tournament, when each of the 8 teams have played 14 matches each, is Rishabh Pant from Delhi Daredevils. The Purple Cap holder (highest wicket taker) is Andrew Tye of Kings XI Punjab, Rishabh Pant made 684 runs in 14 innings and Andrew Tye took 24 wickets in 14 matches.

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