What is your Problem?


“I am really upset. I was not invited to the informal meeting of all managers earlier in the morning today”, said the Manager of an IT consulting company to her colleagues. She spent the entire day being upset guessing the probable reason for her not being invited.

As human beings, we seek problems. We choose a problem and then spend time understanding or solving that problem. If you randomly look around in your world, you will notice people, all of whom are dealing with some or the other problem.

So, the big question you want to ask yourself is – what problem do I want to expend my energies on? That you will spend time on some or the problem is for certain, why not then choose a problem worthy of the bigness in you?

In one of my now rare Mumbai local train journeys, I came across Prof. Sandeep Desai. He was ‘begging’ for money to set up schools for the underprivileged. He had built 4 schools already and was in the process of building the 5th one. To me, it seemed like he gave up a thriving academic career and chose a new problem to deal with.During my recent visit to the US for my Coach Training program, I was in a discussion with Julio Olalla, the founder of Newfield Network and a pioneer of the coaching profession and transformational learning field of Ontology. He very humbly mentioned that the Ontological work that he and his team have done with government agencies in Columbia have helped bring peace in that country!

Some people choose their maids / drivers / not being invited to meetings and events as their problems; while others like Prof. Sandeep Desai and Julio Olalla make the country’s and world’s problems their own personal problem.

So, the question is “What is your problem?” And while you are answering this question, bear in mind people who fight tigers don’t get bothered by mosquitoes.

Sameer Dua, Founder Director, Institute for Generative Leadership, India

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