It’s Your Fault!

Do statements like these sound familiar to you?

  • Because he delayed sending me the data, I was not able to complete my report on time
  • I had to drop my child to school today so I was delayed for the meeting.
  • This product is not good enough and that is why the revenues this year have not risen.
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Are You Ready To Celebrate Your Republic Day Yet?

In a day from now, we will be celebrating the Republic day of India. On 26th January 1950 – the Constitution of India came into force.
Coming from the world of Generative Leadership, believing in ‘Inside-Out’ leadership – meaning thereby when you lead yourself well, can you set yourself up to lead teams, organizations and nations effectively….

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6 Essential Questions To Make A Powerful Entry In 2016

A fascinating year is about to end. It is only another 2 days before 2016 starts. There are two things that you can do:

1. Make a powerful entry into 2016; or,

2. Float into 2016 and happen to simply show up in the New Year.

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The 3 C’s To Elevate Your Leadership Presence

Irrespective of your designation, your industry, or your role, your presence must be an important area for you to look into, and develop if necessary. At IGL-India, we claim that your presence has a great deal to do with the trust people have in you, and also it has a great deal to do with your success.

If Presence is indeed so important, let’s first begin with what does Presence even mean?

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