Did You Make A Powerful Entry into 2018?

A fascinating year just came to an end and we are already a few good days into 2018.

I invite you to do a review of the last year (2017) and take stock. Below, I recommend a set of questions that you should ask yourself. I have broken these questions into 2 parts – one that reviews and completes 2017, and the other, that helps you make new declarations for this year.

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#5 Key Conversations CEOs Must Have with Their Teams

The role of the CEO is to have ‘effective’ conversations. If his or her conversations are effective, then the organization will generate results, and if not, the results of the organization will get impacted.

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#8 Key Reasons Why Every CEO Must Have a Coach

All great performers have a coach. Look around – professional athletes, public figures, musicians and leaders. To operate without a coach is akin to operating without a mirror. It is like operating with the attitude that “I know I am right”. This “I know it” attitude is a killer in any organization, particularly at the top!

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How to Build Upon Your Leadership Skills

I worked at and ran a business school for 21 years of my life. I thought you learn management and leadership in classrooms. I went and collaborated with one of the four federal universities and then the second largest University in the UK.

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