Robert (BOB) Dunham

Robert (Bob) Dunham

Founder and Director

Institute for Generative Leadership

Robert is the founder of Institute for Generative Leadershipand consulting company Enterprise Performance, works closely with executives and management teams to produce value-creating enterprises. He also founded the Company of Leaders, a group dedicated to continued practice and learning in Leadership. Since 1981 he has been developing the discipline that is now offered in the three-year Generative Leadership Program, teaching people sucessful practices of leadership and management. This program is based on Leading-edge thinking in linguistics, biology, embodied learning, commitment-based management, communication, and co-ordination. This program is practice based and focuses participants on learning through application on the job with personal coaching, with the criteria for learning being measurable improvements in the performance of teams and organizations.

Prior to founding Enterprise Performance, Dunham was a vice president of consulting for Business Design Associates (BDA), an international business process redesign firm. Before that he was chief operating officer for Action Technologies, Inc., and co-holds two patents for thier Action Workflow technology. Prior to that he served as the vice president of system development Motorola Computer Systems, where he directed the development of three hardware and software system product lines and delivered over one hundred and fifty software product releases to the marketplace. Early in his career, he led the on-board software development team for Hubble Space Telescope for several years.

Dunham has trained hundreds of executive managers. He has published nine articles on business, managment, and coaching, and another thirty proprietary papers for his Leadership and management development programs. His past clients include Toshiba America, IBM, Discovery Channel, Scholastic, Adobe Systems, Fidelity National, several Silicon Valley companies, and many others.

His management and leadership training programs are unique combinations of communication, language-action, leadership and management practice, and embodied learning. His programs draw on the pioneering work of Dr. Fernando Flores in language and action, and Dr. Richard Strozzi-Heckler in Somatic Leadership.

Dunham earned two degrees from Stanford University, completed three years of postgraduate work in Ontological Design, and four yeras in Somatic Leadership with Strozzi Institute. He is executive in residence, adjunct faculty, at Pre-sidio School of Manaement where he taught in their MBA program, and currently teaches in the Executive Certificate program. He currently leads the Coaching Excellence in Organizations program offered by institute for Generative Leadership and Newfield Network.