Asha Nair

Asha Nair

Leadership Coach

Asha believes the choice of creating a life of one’s desire–a life of contentment with purpose, adventure, fun, achievement and care –is definitely possible for everyone. The yearning to inspire organisations and individuals to realise the ‘unexplored realm of their lives and potential’ is what brings Asha to The Institute of Generative Leadership, India.

Asha’s philosophy and work in leadership development and coaching is influenced by her 15+ years of experience as a witness to corporate professionals, including her own, endeavor to find balance of personal contentment alongside economic and professional gratification.

Throughout her corporate career, Asha has interacted with globally diverse, high-performance, multi-cultural business leaders from Senior Managers to CXO’s in the United States, Europe and Asia. This gives her the insider’s edge in understanding the intricate workings of organisations, teams and leaders, enabling her to engage and collaborate with them, thus transforming situations to create the desired future.

Before moving to India, Asha lived in Romania for several years and was associated with the FUNDATIA INOCENTI, a non-profit organization for Romanian children’s relief. She was also a Charity committee member with the IWA (International Woman’s Associations), involved in assisting NGO’s in areas of hospice, hospitals, child care and social enterprises.

Asha specialises in the ontological approach to coaching and is currently pursuing the ‘Ontological Coach’ certification from the world’s leading Ontological Coach Training Institute of “Newfield Network, USA” (ICF Certified Coaching School).

An avid photographer, Asha indulges in nature/landscape imagery. She credits Nature for its intricate insights, life lessons and capturing these through her lens is her way of sharing them with the world.