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The Coaching program at Institute for Generative Leadershipworks on the ‘Beingness’ of the coachee / participant. It has been designed such to get the coachee / participant to understand what it takes to ‘be’ a leader. Cultivating the ‘beingness’ of a Leader is not just a set of skills and learned behaviours. It is a state that you have to cultivate within yourself.

What you do as a Leader will depend on this state which manifests through your behaviour and actions. Everything you do is a direct connection with this state of beingness and inside of this state of beingness, you invite the whole world to function with you, not against you.

The premise of this coaching program is that everyone is a leader; it is a conscious choice about how you choose to live and about how you be a leader at work, at home and in every area of your life.

The coaching relationship can be for as long as the coachee would like, however, we recommend that the coach–coachee relationship be established initially for a minimum of 26 weeks (approximately 6 months). Some coachees choose to extend this to one year.

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Seeing Organizations With New Eyes

You should do this program most importantly to create a context for your life and to get present to what is it that you care for. Also, everyone needs a structure to fulfill their goals and dreams. A coaching structure is perhaps the most effective structure available. There are many benefits available for the participants, the most important ones being that the coaching program will support you in

  • Identifying important areas of your life and focusing on those areas.
  • Redesigning your life to make it the way you really want.
  • Getting past your isolation – you will have a supportive person take a stand for your success.
  • Achieving professional satisfaction and personal fulfilment.

A New Claim

  • There will be a transformation in the way your employees will be after the completion of this program. This ‘new employee’ will generate results that s/he has never generated before in their life. This is your opportunity to transform the existing leaders as well as the next generation leaders in your organizations.
  • Business coaching is an expanding industry. Many organizations worldwide, be it small, medium or large organizations, have increased their use of coaching in the recent years. Interestingly a lot of small business enterprises are using coaching as a part of their growth strategy.
  • Coaching utilization is increasing because it is a cost effective means of achieving phenomenal results for teams and businesses.
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