I Create


I wonder if this is my story, or the truth
My heart tells me this is the truth
My head tells me this is my story
I don’t know which to believe!

I confront my participants,
Tell them to observe their stories,
Yes, these are stories I tell them
And here I am, confronted by my own talk.

The world is not what is out there
The world is what I create it to be
Every time, I create a powerful world
This very world lets me down!

I have a choice, I remind myself
A choice in creating my story
That the world has let me down
Is also a story – I remind myself.

Yet again today, I choose to create
To create a powerful story
To create who I am
To create my future

Because, whether I like it or not
Whether I agree with it or not
Whether I know it or not
I am creating

So, today, once again
I create myself as a force of nature
Someone who has intention
And one who backs intention with action

Once again today,
I choose design over drift
I choose responsibility over blame
Why? Because I really care!

Sameer Dua, Founder Director, Institute for Generative Leadership, India

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