For Students

Management education efforts, and business schools in particular, have long been criticized for not producing effective managers and leaders. These criticisms are written by professors from the business schools themselves, and they mirror long standing assessments from CEO’s and executives that business schools are not producing graduates that are capable managers.

Here are quotes from articles and books written over the last several years:

“Business schools are on the wrong track…business school faculties simply must rediscover the practice of business.”
Warren Bennis and James O’toole
How Business Schools Lost Their Way, Harvard Business Review, May 2005

“The trouble with “management” education is that it is business education, and leaves a distorted impression of management…we need to build the craft and the art of managing into management education and thereby bring these back into the practice of managing…conventional MBA programs train the wrong people in the wrong ways with the wrong consequences.”
Henry Mintzberg, Professor of Management Studies
From Managers Not MBAs

We have just the program for you – Building The Leadership Muscle. Leadership muscle is built through actions and practices, and not through only knowing of concepts (It’s exactly like building your body muscles – you can know of the exercise, but till you do not do the exercise, the muscle isn’t built.)

The Promise of the Building Leadership Muscle Program is

  • This program will build leadership muscle like no other. It is not in the teaching of the teacher that leadership muscle gets built. It is in the doing and the practices of the student that builds the muscle.
  • This program fills the gap of 2 key missing elements in most business schools: Practice for embodiment; and Generative Distinctions to bring out the generative power of students.
  • If you take the actions recommended and do the practices, you will set yourself up for an extra-ordinary career and an extra-ordinary future. This is our assurance!