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Challenges and Concerns – Produce Extraordinary Teams

As managers we are responsible to make and fulfill promises we cannot fulfill alone. It’s all about building an excellent team, perhaps a great team, and satisfying the customers for the promises of our team. Excellence in team performance opens career possibilities for our team members and our selves.

Where do you learn the Profession of Management?

The challenge faced by many managers is the lack of proper preparation for the role. Too many of us are promoted because we were a top performer. But the role, skills, conversations, and responsibilities for being a manager are almost totally different from being an expert performer. It’s all about our team, not about what we know or can do. It’s a new horizon of challenge. Most experienced managers don’t have grounding in the profession of management to enable their careers to go beyond their experience.

How does IGL empower you?

For experienced and successful managers the challenge and opportunity is to enable your team and your organization to produce value and satisfaction at new levels. The world is changing and creating constant challenges, and those who can lead the change rather than chase it will be the leaders of tomorrow.

IGL has been exploring the essentials of excellence in management and integrating them into the learning path for managers committed to a path of professional development for over 30 years. Take advantage of this unique and powerful discipline to elevate your leadership impact and the performance of your teams.

The Effective Manager Manages Promises and Value

Management is not just a role of being the expert, nor is it just giving orders and direction. It is a profession of people skills, of getting your people to give their best, cultivating high performance teams, honing your leadership skills, and preparing for your career path of being trusted to make even bigger promises and create new value.
The profession of management demands of us that we generate authentic commitment to the promises of the team and organization, that we coordinate action to create success, that we manage breakdowns well, and make trustworthy promises with our teams and fulfill them.

Generative Leadership Enables Your Career, Your Team, and a Good Life

In the generative framework, we reveal and help you develop skills to produce teams, plans, and projects at a whole new level of performance and value through better coordination of action. Other topics and skills crucial for your role as manager are: managing moods; using disagreements for co-design; managing capacity, commitments, and customer satisfaction; and helping your team members develop their careers.

While the challenges of management, building and leading teams, and achieving more with less can drain everything we can give it, we believe that a management career is also a life journey, a journey to a good life. We hold that with appropriate skills we can walk a path of work and career that can achieve high professional standards, be healthy, meaningful, and can a fulfilling life journey of learning and contribution.

Our Offer to You

We can tailor make a program based on the needs of your organization. To see a partial list of short 2-3 day training programs, you can go to our workshops page. However, what has generated extra-ordinary results for organizations is the Generative Leadership in Organizations Program. We have offered this program in variants of 6-months, 9-months, 1-year and 2-years, depending on the results the organization wants to generate.

You can see a partial list of clients here, and if you are interested in seeing testimonials, then please click here.