Generative Leadership in Organizations Program

Teaching you to ‘live’ and ‘lead’ your life – in the true sense.

Generative Leadership in Organizations will show you a new way of seeing and will enable you to see organizations newly as shaped by generative acts, based on the perspective that language is generative, and not just descriptive

The Program Promise

This is no standard program. This program is about action that generates results. It’s a program that introduces new practices, that when followed, give you unprecedented results.

  • As a business owner, receive frameworks, practices and skills that drive higher sales turnover
  • As a leader in an organization, you will see what is missing, the knowledge of which will give you opportunities for new actions leading to new results
  • Be the cause of energizing moods in your organization
  • Better manage your time and commitments leading to a greater work-life balance
  • Manage and co-ordinate action effectively reducing cost and enhancing your profits.
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The Program Structure

Generative Leadership in Organizations includes a ‘2-day Declaring Breakdowns:Creating a Powerful Future’ conference followed by 2 programs of 11 months each:

  • The Art and Practice of Generative Management
  • The Art and Practice of Generative Leadership

Participants will be required to attend three conferences (of 3-days each) held every four months.

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The Art and Practice of Generative Management

The Art and Practice of Generative Management builds on the Foundations of Generative Leadership and provides distinctions that open up the blind spots of management as we understand today. Participants will learn practices for individual and team management of commitment, customer satisfaction, and value. The foundational skills of building teams, team leadership, coordination, navigation, creating customer value, and effective planning will be built and incorporated into the everyday practices of your work. You will create measurable improvements in the value of the promises that you and your organizations are producing

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The Art and Practice of Generative Leadership

Participants will start to embody the Generative leadership distinctions that will increase the scope of power and value they you can produce and expand the future that they can see and offer. Participants will learn the Conversations of Strategy; Design a Winning Game; Innovation; and Value Creation. Participants will start to see new possibilities emerging from the future.

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Indicative Content

The Art and Practice of Generative Management

  • Managing Action Pratice
  • What do you Care about?
  • Managing Capacity
  • Teams and Team Leadership
  • Co-ordination and Team Action
  • Constitutive Conversations of Teams
  • Planning as Inventing the Future
  • Core Competencies of Management
  • The Body of a Leader
  • Value and Waste
  • Generative Negotiation
  • Making offers of Value

The Art and Practice of Generative Leadership

  • Value Creation
  • Designing Winning Games
  • Strategy
  • Innovation and Value Creation
  • Generative Foundations of Leadership
  • Generative Leadership
  • The Power of Not Knowing
  • Leadership Presence
  • Power and Politics
  • Organizational Change Design
  • Living a Good Life


Learning for us is to shift embodiment, to shift the capacity for action, and to shift what outcomes can be produced and promised. Learning is not just understanding, and is not academic.

The fundamental claim of Institute for Generative Leadershipis that success is a function of regular practices that allow us to embody new skills and to act in new ways. By merely reading books, watching CDs, or hearing audio tapes you will not become successful. What really is required is that you place yourself under the direction of a competent coach, alongside other committed participants and create new practices and take new actions. This program does exactly that.

In this program, you learn in action, going beyond conceptual understanding. You will gain know-how with experiential learning and the power of continued practice. During the program, you will be able to produce actions, conversations, and results that you couldn’t before. Through the practices that you learn, you will continue building your capabilities after the program.

The Program Leader will speak a language of ‘executing’ rather than of ‘describing’; which means that the participants will be able to take actions and generate new practices based on this.

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Staff Member


Life is a game and all of us are players playing the game of life. There is no denying that if you really want to play the game, and want to win this game of life, and consistently at that; you need a coach! Some successful people have done well without having a coach. However, it has proved to be difficult for many others and this is where a coach can play a life-altering role in your life.

Generative Leadership in Organization focuses on your performance (and not on you learning some new concepts); and for your performance to deliver results, you will need to get skilled which happens with recurrent practice. What is key to make practice effective and efficient is the feedback and guidance of a coach. The coach will help you to be a new observer; and as a new observer, you will take new actions and hence get a whole new set of results. There will be group coaching every 2 weeks and the coach will act as your ‘Structure for Achievement’ of results.


Participants in the program must commit to being effective learners and engage fully in the work of the program. No formal academic prerequisites are required for the program, but applicants must be acting leaders, managers, executives, professionals, or business owners. Organizations who are sponsoring individuals or teams to participate in the program are recommended to outline objectives that the participants are expected to meet in producing value for the organization as a consequence of their participation.


In this program, you will start to see your blind spots; you will break your existing habits and practices that are not working for you and develop new practices and habits. This requires commitment.

As a program participant, we request the following commitment from you:
  • You will be coachable for the entire duration of the curriculum.
  • You will be ready to question your thinking and beliefs.
  • You will attend and engage with your learning teams and attend coach calls.
  • You will complete all your leadership practices as per the due dates.
  • You are required to attend at least 3 conferences for each part of the curriculum.
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Welcome to a world of extra-ordinary performance

Actions give you results; and you can take only those actions that are available to you or only those that you can see. Generative Leadership in Organizations will show you a new way of seeing and will enable you to see organizations newly as shaped by generative acts, based on the perspective that language is generative, and not just descriptive.

Why the Institute for Generative Leadership?

We take a stand for your success and have high regards for your needs and ensure that you fulfil them. The approach is not transactional, but transformational and our approach is a solid results driven approach.

Leadership Coaching

The premise of this coaching program is that everyone is a leader; it is a conscious choice about how you choose to live and about how you be a leader at work, at home and in every area of your life.