Creating a Powerful New Future (Digital)

Why do this program?

Just because a program is free does not mean you should do this! Absolutely!

However, this is not just a free program, this is an invitation to reclaim your leadership.

Through this program, we want you to see that you are at the source of creating your future – moment to moment.

Most people are blind that they are creating their futures.

We not only want you to know that you create your future,

we want you to know how you do it (so that you can do this with choice), and most importantly, we want to invite you to build the muscle for doing this regularly by providing you free practices (these are practices done by top corporate executives, and they pay us a fat fee for these.

Why Us?

  • Because we understand Leadership. We have been in Leadership education for 26 years internationally, with centers currently in USA, India, Spain, and Mexico.
  • Because we coach, teach, mentor and consult leaders of top global organizations (Some of our clients are organizations such as Siemens, John Deere, BMC Software, Persistent Systems, Mercedes Benz, Tech Mahindra, Times of India Group, Amdocs, Alscripts, Schaeffler, and many more).
  • Because we focus on embodiment; making leadership a part of your muscle – and not only giving you some cool concepts.
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Program Promise

  • This power packed program will enable you to discover that you create your own world. (Some people create exciting worlds of their picking and some others choose misery.)
  • This program is in an invitation to you to create a powerful world – moment to moment

Program Content

  • Session 1: Who are we?
  • Session 2: How do we create a Powerful Future?
  • Session 3: Designing practices as a irrefutable domain of learning (define learning as increasing capacity to take care of what you care about).
  • Session 4: Taking Responsibility is taking a stand for achieving a future that matters.

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What does this program include?

  • One powerful video for each session
  • One document for your reading for each session – this document will supplement what you learn through the video
  • One practice for each of the sessions – this is where the rubber meets the road. Through these practices you build Leadership Muscle


At the end of the year, you receive a participation certificate from the Institute for Generative Leadership, USA.

How much does this cost?


That’s right, nothing!

You learn the art and the practice of designing futures of your choice for no cost at all!!

This is it!

We have done what we could to support you in creating a future of your choice, you now need to take action – if your future matters to you!

And the first action is to sign up right now.

(Once we finalise the content, we will also have a sales video with the above content.)

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