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How to Get the Best from Your People

We often say “our most important asset is our people.” Sometimes we get the best from our people, but too often we don’t. Why is this, why is it so difficult, and how can we do better? The results of our organization depend on it.

The success of our business or startup depends on our teams, and our team’s performance depends on us. IGL brings practices for successful team performance refined for over three decades – practices for use on the job, and not just concepts.

How does IGL empower you?

IGL has developed a powerful approach called Generative Leadership that has produced extraordinary results in teams and organizations of different industries, including engineering services, automotive companies, software companies, consulting, manufacturing, marketing information services, and others.

Generative Leadership fully integrates action and people, performance and coordination, teamwork and communication, results and interpersonal skills. We invite you to explore how Generative Leadership can serve you and your organization

Generative Leadership Results

The generative leadership approach is rich, based on hands-on action, practice, and results. You’ll learn to elevate and sustain results, much like other business owner students: a business unit of an IT company generated results the senior leadership team thought were not possible; a manufacturing company grew by 30% through the recession, an engineering services company that is growing at 25% a year due to the leadership team, and a physician care company that went from flat performance to growth in a chaotic market.

Our Offer to You

Generative Leadership requires a serious commitment to learning and to apply what you learn to your practices of leadership, teamwork, and coordination. IGL programs are not academic or just conceptual. Participants in our leadership programs receive personal coaching on how to apply new frameworks and skills on the job to produce new results.